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Swimmers from Puerto Rico before 2016 Sea Swim

Assumption College Women's Swim Team

Fordham University Swim Team

St. Croix Dolphins

Montclair State University Women's Swimming & Diving Team


Our training facility equipped with a 6-lane/50 meter pool, plenty of space for dryland exercises, and sunny Caribbean weather is ideal for team and group training trips.  We would like to thank Harvard University Men's Swim Team, Montclair State University Men's and Women's Swim Teams, Assumption College Women's Swim Team, and Fordham University Men's and Women's Swim Teams for their training trips at the Dolphins' Pool during the month of January, 2016!

Montclair State University Men's Swimming & Diving Team

Dolphins Swim Team after 2016 Sea Swim


Harvard University Men's Swim Team

"Every Child a Swimmer Program"

Our goal is to make everyone on island 100% safe in and around the water!  Sponsor a 3rd grade class from one of St. Croix's public elementary schools for 16 swim lessons throughout the school year for $5,000!  Contact us for more information!

Dolphins Sea Swim

This exciting Open Water Swim Race starts with a blow from a conch shell and a jump off the Frederiksted Pier, and finishes at Rainbow Beach (about 1 mile)!  REGISTER FOR 2017 SEA SWIM BY DECEMBER 1 and get a discounted rate of $30!

Swim-a-thon (2016 Swim-a-thon is Saturday, October 29)


Why Do It?

50% of each swimmer’s money raised goes towards the operating costs of the Dolphins Swim Team to keep us in business (electricity - ~$3,000/month, pool maintenance, pool chemicals, etc.) AND also go towards our Scholarship Fund so anyone who wants to swim, can.

The other 50% goes towards YOUR swimmer’s TRAVEL COSTS (in other words, YOU save $$and your kids get to go to off-island meets for less or even FREE).  Raise $500-$999 and in addition to the ½ that goes into your Swim-a-Thon travel account, $250 of one off-island trip is paid for.  Raise more than $1000 and you get ½ in your account plus $500 to go towards any off-island trip(s)!!The money in your account can also be used for items from the Dolphin’s Store: bathing suits, goggles, shirts, etc. and must be used before the end of the season.

Stay & Support other swimmers (can also help count laps if 10 or older)

Group                                            Arrival Time                                        Swim Time
Senior Group                                 7:45AM                                               8 - 10AM (2 hours)

Gold & Yellow Groups                   9:45AM                                              10AM - 12PM (2 hours)

Blue Group                                    11:45AM                                             12 - 1PM (1 hour)

Swimmers have two options for raising money:

1.         Swimmers can raise money by seeing how many lengths they can swim in the 2 hours (1 hour for Blue) allocated for their group and ask for a per lap donation.

2.         Swimmers can raise money by asking for a set donation for the event.

Annual Dolphins Invitational

The Annual Dolphins Invitational is a swimming competition open to any swim team under FINA or USA Swimming.  This year's Dolphins Invitational will be held on May 21-22, 2016.  See summons below: