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Dolphins Short Course Meet, Beeston Hill Pool

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Dolphins Annual Meeting and Elections/Fun Day

September 21st from 9am-12pm

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Dolphins Staff, I wish our swimmers and swim families a warm welcome back! We had a challenging and very rewarding season last year. We had gotten off to a strong start last fall, when two Category 5 storms derailed the season for a few months. With the dedication of our staff, families and local community we were able to get back in the water rather quickly. Although we have seen some of our members move away, we have a wonderful dedicated core remaining and are excited to see the Dolphin family growing with new members.

As the recovery process continues, we are happy to welcome our new Dolphin families to the program. We are looking forward to your active participation in the program. The sport of swimming is a wonderfully rewarding one.

I am honored to be the President of the Board of Directors of the St. Croix Swimming Association. Growing up in Central Illinois I was an active swimmer through high school. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of swimming, I am very happy my sons have chosen to swim. We are a proud second generation Dolphin family, my wife swam throughout her childhood with the Dolphins. Competitive swimming is uniquely personal and team building at the same time. Setting goals and growing as a swimmer, while developing interpersonal relationships with your teammates are wonderful experiences to take into adult life. However, the fact is our program is much more than competitive swimming. The “Every Child a Swimmer” program and our “Learn to Swim” program are the cornerstones of a community centered approach. Living on an island in the Caribbean Sea, we are surrounded by beautiful waters daily, making sure they are safe and enjoyable for every child in our community is our core mission.

I would like to thank the Dolphins Board of Directors members, past present and future, for their continued support and direction to this wonderful program. Over the past few years we have made wonderful improvements to the facility, and have great additions planned for the future.

Now more than ever the SCSA needs your support to complete our mission. Financial support is always appreciated. However, the biggest difference comes from volunteerism. We are a non-profit, community based program, and it requires a vast amount of volunteer support. From assisting with events, to helping paint a wall, or whatever your area of expertise is. Every hour of your time spent improving the facility helps assure the strength of the program for years to come.

We are looking forward to another amazing season for our swimmers. Whether it be a swimmer’s first lesson, or they are preparing to represent the US Virgin Islands in an international competition, the Dolphin family will support each and every swimmer in their development as student athletes.


Jason Gleason

SCSA President